Refund Policy

For 99% of our customers, our radio codes are decoded instantly and without issue. Occasionally, some radio models are particularly difficult to decode and our instantly generated radio codes do not work. In these cases, we usually need more information in order to figure out your radio's true code.

In cases where the customer has provided the correct serial number but we are unable to decode their radio code and have been allowed every opportunity to do so, the customer will receive a complete refund of their radio code on receipt of the image and video evidence described below.

These refunds are subject to the following conditions:

  • They will be issued only after we have been allowed every opportunity to provide a working code and have been unable to do so. They will not be issued prior to this, such as when a customer first contacts us about an incorrect radio code.
  • They must include an image of the radio's serial number and a video of the provided code being entered. This evidence is needed to confirm that the radio code we provided was incorrect and to prevent fraud given the very low cost of our services.

In all other cases, refunds are issued at our sole discretion, and must be requested via email within 14 days of the original transaction. Where these discretionary refunds are approved, they will usually not include the small transaction fee charged by the payment processor.

We reserve the right not to issue refunds in the following cases:

  • Where a customer has provided an incorrect serial number. In our experience 95% of incorrect radio codes are caused by a serial number being entered incorrectly. For this reason all of our decoder pages contain a clear notice to double-check that a radio's serial number has been entered correctly. The cost and time savings from processing these avoidable refunds are part of what allows us to continue to offer our radio codes at such low prices for the vast majority of our customers.
  • Where a customer has entered too many incorrect radio codes prior to contacting our customer support team, resulting in the radio having 5 or less code entry attempts remaining. This significantly decreases the number of entry attempts we have to work with, not allowing us enough opportunity to determine the correct code in more difficult decoding cases, and ultimately increasing the chance of the radio becoming hard-locked and needing to be manually decoded by a much more expensive specialist decoder.
  • Where a customer has posted a public review of our services, such as on our and TrustPilot pages. While RapidRadioCodes welcomes all honest and constructive reviews, posting a review is not a valid alternative to contacting our customer support team, as this gives us no opportunity to look into why your radio code was incorrect for your model of radio. Like all small businesses our reviews are our reputation and we work hard to avoid negative ratings, which is why our top-tier customer support team is always available to resolve issues within hours. A review is therefore considered to be the natural termination of a transaction and posting one will automatically waive a customer's right to a refund.
  • Where a customer has immediately escalated the case to a third-party, such as by lodging a PayPal case, without having first gotten touch with our customer support team as set out in their code entry instructions.
  • Where a customer has been advised by our customer support team but failed to follow instructions, resulting in their radio becoming hard-locked or us no longer being able to help them.

We'd once again like to stress that for 99% of our customers, this refund policy will never matter and their correct radio code will be delivered to them instantly and without issue. Thank you for choosing RapidRadioCodes.